Sorry for not acting like myself

Lately, Norah has been… learning boundaries. She is pushing (and surpassing) limits in what I assume is a normal process of life. This also means she has learned as much about apologizing as a 3 year old can. I believe it is important that she doesn’t simply just say sorry. I want her to acknowledge whatever it is that she is saying sorry about. I don’t want her to mutter a meaningless, “Sorry…” and be on her merry way.

Typically I ask her to apologize by saying something like, “I’m sorry I wasn’t listening to directions”.

Recently she’s had to apologize when we weren’t around though. Most recently she had had a pretty tough day with her teacher and I asked her to apologize the next morning. She did so when I wasn’t around and later her teacher came to me to share what she said.

Apparently it went like this… “Ms. Teacher, I’m sorry for not acting like myself.”

My 3 year old is amazing.

She’s always teaching me things, but gosh how great was her statement! Her statement did not label her as anything. She is a good kid, she is a good listener, she is kind and gentle and sweet hearted. Those things are part of who she is. She simply had a moment of three-ness and was having a bad day (don’t we all). Her momentary bad choices do not define her. Her moment of not listening doesn’t make her a bad listener – it just means she had a moment of not listening.

She simply, wasn’t acting like herself.

Let’s go on an adventure

We’re busy. When we find ourselves in a moment of not being busy, we have gotten into a habit of making an excuse to sit around. It is not in our nature to sit around – we like to be on the move, we love a good adventure. But, I mean, gosh, we’re tired.

There are a lot of problems with that, but our biggest problem is that when we want to sit around, we kind of assume the kids will too. Well, we’d be assuming wrong. Our kids are 3 and 1. They simply don’t sit, and they aren’t suppose to! The other night, it was about 5pm, the kids had just gotten up from a nap and we had eaten an early dinner. We decided we needed to do something to get out of the house to do something other than work or errands.

We cruised about 15 minutes over to our beach and had an incredibly fun evening. We LOVE the beach in the evening. Our fair skinned children don’t have to be lathered in sun screen every 2.34 seconds, there are less people, and it’s simply beautiful. We caught little sea creatures in the sand and ran away from the waves.

Sometimes, when you feel like you are too tired to stand up, 

it’s a good idea to go on an adventure. 

Citrus Lane September 2014 (20 month Old Boy)

Hello out there! I keep coming here to write, and then think of 5,000 and 3 things that I need to do instead. Yesterday though I received a Citrus Lane box and wanted to share it with you. We’ve received a few boxes before when we have had promo codes and they have been fun so far, but we hadn’t received one yet for Wes so this time I got one for him.

If you don’t know about Citrus Lane, it is $29/month if you purchase on a month by month basis and goes all of the way down to $19/month if you purchase yearly. All prices include shipping. So far on the boxes I’ve gotten it’s been a decent deal. It is kind of pricy, especially if you have more than one child you want to buy a box for, but I’ve gotten products I might not have went out and purchased myself. You customize your account with your child’s age and you can pick between a girl, boy or gender neutral box.

Wesley is actually 19 months but I went ahead and aged him up a month.

So here is what we got in our September 2014 boy box for a 20 month old.

The first item is a Bumkins reusable sandwich/snack bag. I’ve actually wanted one of these for a little while and just haven’t picked one up. This item is ($4.95 if purchased on it’s own HERE).

Next up is the foam bath pieces. You can see them in the picture above that I posted with all of the contents. Most foam bath pieces I pretty much assume will get tore up. I was surprised when I felt these! These are pretty tough foam pieces! They haven’t played with them yet though so that will be the true test. The only thing is I wish there had been a few more pieces. You can find them on Amazon for $9.99 HERE.

So the long sleeve tee. This is the big item in the box. Let’s be total honest here. I’m not someone that spends $25 on one t-shirt for my kids (or myself). The IS really well made… I just don’t see myself paying for it. It is from the “Tea Collection” and the shirt we received can be found HERE on their site. There was also a coupon for $25 an order of $50. I suppose that makes it a bit more affordable.

There is also a tin box of bandaids. This is also included in the picture above. I actually appreciate these! Not only are my kids constantly needing bandaids, but they love wearing them and try to make up “ouchies” that don’t exist so they can wear them. These retail for about $3-$4 depending on where you get them.

So total retail price of the items included is about $43 not including the coupon for $25 off. All in all I thought it was a fun box, but would have rather had two small priced items than the expensive t-shirt.

You can receive 50% off your first box by clicking this link HERE

*This post may contain affiliate links. All thoughts are my own.

Do you have a unicorn?

I have no idea how Norah knows what a unicorn is. I am assuming she saw one in a book, though it must have been at school because I don’t think we have any unicorns in our books (we have about 1200 books though so I could be mistaken). Recently she’s decided she wants to find one. She’s been pretty quiet about it until recently. A few weeks ago we got a zoo membership to our local zoo. It’s a nice little zoo and we’re pretty impressed… but Norah was a bit let down that they don’t have unicorns. She has been wanting to ask them if they had one so yesterday I let her ask a zookeeper.

Norah: Do you have any unicorns?
Zookeeper lady: Unicorns? *looking up at me*
Me: *pleasantly* She wants to know if you have any unicorns (apparently her question wasn’t clear enough).

Zookeeper lady: Um well… We did have some… but they left other day.
Norah: Oh… Okay.
Me to Norah: BUT we did just see the Rhinos and those are kind of like unicorns!
Zookeeper lady: Yeah! They are! 
Norah: Yeah! Like a unicorn and dinosaur. 

I think we we took the zookeeper a bit by surprise haha I’m not sure if anyone had ever asked her if they and unicorns before. I’m sure she’s fielded plenty of questions on the whereabouts of gators, monkeys and bobcats – but unicorns? That was likely a first for her.

So now I’m on a mission to find a mythical creature. There’s got to be an animal out there that resembles a unicorn right? If not the Rhinos might have to do.