Do you have a unicorn?

I have no idea how Norah knows what a unicorn is. I am assuming she saw one in a book, though it must have been at school because I don’t think we have any unicorns in our books (we have about 1200 books though so I could be mistaken). Recently she’s decided she wants to find one. She’s been pretty quiet about it until recently. A few weeks ago we got a zoo membership to our local zoo. It’s a nice little zoo and we’re pretty impressed… but Norah was a bit let down that they don’t have unicorns. She has been wanting to ask them if they had one so yesterday I let her ask a zookeeper.

Norah: Do you have any unicorns?
Zookeeper lady: Unicorns? *looking up at me*
Me: *pleasantly* She wants to know if you have any unicorns (apparently her question wasn’t clear enough).

Zookeeper lady: Um well… We did have some… but they left other day.
Norah: Oh… Okay.
Me to Norah: BUT we did just see the Rhinos and those are kind of like unicorns!
Zookeeper lady: Yeah! They are! 
Norah: Yeah! Like a unicorn and dinosaur. 

I think we we took the zookeeper a bit by surprise haha I’m not sure if anyone had ever asked her if they and unicorns before. I’m sure she’s fielded plenty of questions on the whereabouts of gators, monkeys and bobcats – but unicorns? That was likely a first for her.

So now I’m on a mission to find a mythical creature. There’s got to be an animal out there that resembles a unicorn right? If not the Rhinos might have to do.

There is a 2 year old girl that lives in my house

There is a 2 year old girl that lives in my house, but not for much longer. Our oldest will be completing her 3rd year and turning 3 this Sunday. We waited so anxiously for her arrival and have been so thrilled with the blessing of being her parents. At this point 3 years ago I was “overdue” and ready to meet her. Unfortunately I struggled with confidence that we’d actually get to take her home due to our struggle to get her and so at this point I was still involuntarily saying, “Well if all goes well…” versus speaking with confidence and saying, “When she’s here…” Thankfully I’ve worked passed that and I now sit here with an almost 3 year old who is such a joy. Sure she has her moments, but man, we lucked out. She’s so stinking funny! She’s stubborn and fierce, she’s loving and attentive. She’s trusting and gentle and she’s a tad sassy. Did I mention she is funny? She cracks me up.

How in the world did I get the great responsibility of being her mama (or I suppose her Mimi according to her)?


Um yeah, so my last post was titled, “We like to move it, move it” and we haven’t stopped moving since. I wrote that before we moved which feels like a lifetime ago. I sat down several times to write a quick update but my wordpress account got locked somehow, as did my hosting account. I was admittedly too lazy to get it worked out as just attempting to log in took about all the energy I had. Not that I had any energy today, after having spent all night with several kids at a “camp out” – but for whatever reason I got the gumption to get it figured out.

How’s that for senseless rambling?

So we’re back in the land of sand, sun and lizards. Sand? Kids LOVE it. Sun? Unsurprisingly, my children burn just looking out the window. Lizards? The jury is still out on them.

I’ll be around. Especially now that my account is unlocked ;)


We like to move it move it!

Okay so now that everything is official I can say that we are moving… again. When Matt and I first moved to Florida back in 2008 is was an easy call. We were fresh out of college and had no kids. Sunny skies and warm beaches?! Yes Sir! It was easy. Sure, we missed family, but we were on an adventure. Slowly though that adventure turned into a life. We no longer saw Florida as a place to go on vacation. We no longer saw Florida as simply sunny skies and warm beaches (though it in fact does have those lovely things). We found “home” in the sunshine state and felt a sense of belonging.

Fast forward a few years to 2011. We had our daughter in June and I was missing my family quite a bit. I felt like we were suppose to move back home now that we had a kid. That it was what you did. You went away, had your fun, had a kid and went back home. Just one problem. “Home” up north didn’t feel like home anymore. Of course it was fantastic not having to fly or drive to see our family, but a place where we once felt like we belonged left us feeling like we didn’t fit in. We fought it because in reality we WANTED to live near family. We wanted to feel at peace and make a home here.

It was like God kept saying, okay well I guess just let me know when you’re done with all of this and then I’ll show you where I want you. We thought maybe it was the house we were in. We moved. Nope not it. We looked to move to another town. Not it. We moved from in the country to in town. Again not it. We felt like our life was kind of on pause while we were trying to figure this thing out – and yet time kept on passing us by.

We felt the pull back from the time we moved, but didn’t want any of that. We wanted to be near family and that was that. Even when this opportunity was presented to us we wanted to fight it. We honestly didn’t want it to be the right place for us, because that meant giving in to moving. We’ve done A LOT of praying. We don’t a lot of talking and done a lot of thinking about trusting God.

We are nervous, as we would be with any decision. This time it isn’t just Matt and I. We have two children who we are making this decision for. It hands down is likely the hardest decision we’ve ever made. And yet… it feels like it’s the right one. It’s only hard because as humans we are emotional.

Even though we are nervous, we are also very excited. We are headed to a place that we do feel like God has called us and to a place we feel we belong. We can’t wait to jump in! Frequent flier programs were created for a reason, and we plan on making use of them :)

We’re tired of moving and want to settle in. Now we just need to let God do that for us.