We like to move it move it!

Okay so now that everything is official I can say that we are moving… again. When Matt and I first moved to Florida back in 2008 is was an easy call. We were fresh out of college and had no kids. Sunny skies and warm beaches?! Yes Sir! It was easy. Sure, we missed family, but we were on an adventure. Slowly though that adventure turned into a life. We no longer saw Florida as a place to go on vacation. We no longer saw Florida as simply sunny skies and warm beaches (though it in fact does have those lovely things). We found “home” in the sunshine state and felt a sense of belonging.

Fast forward a few years to 2011. We had our daughter in June and I was missing my family quite a bit. I felt like we were suppose to move back home now that we had a kid. That it was what you did. You went away, had your fun, had a kid and went back home. Just one problem. “Home” up north didn’t feel like home anymore. Of course it was fantastic not having to fly or drive to see our family, but a place where we once felt like we belonged left us feeling like we didn’t fit in. We fought it because in reality we WANTED to live near family. We wanted to feel at peace and make a home here.

It was like God kept saying, okay well I guess just let me know when you’re done with all of this and then I’ll show you where I want you. We thought maybe it was the house we were in. We moved. Nope not it. We looked to move to another town. Not it. We moved from in the country to in town. Again not it. We felt like our life was kind of on pause while we were trying to figure this thing out – and yet time kept on passing us by.

We felt the pull back from the time we moved, but didn’t want any of that. We wanted to be near family and that was that. Even when this opportunity was presented to us we wanted to fight it. We honestly didn’t want it to be the right place for us, because that meant giving in to moving. We’ve done A LOT of praying. We don’t a lot of talking and done a lot of thinking about trusting God.

We are nervous, as we would be with any decision. This time it isn’t just Matt and I. We have two children who we are making this decision for. It hands down is likely the hardest decision we’ve ever made. And yet… it feels like it’s the right one. It’s only hard because as humans we are emotional.

Even though we are nervous, we are also very excited. We are headed to a place that we do feel like God has called us and to a place we feel we belong. We can’t wait to jump in! Frequent flier programs were created for a reason, and we plan on making use of them :)

We’re tired of moving and want to settle in. Now we just need to let God do that for us.

Daddy, you paint that for me?

In our current rental we have some very… um, floral wall paper. It’s certainly not what we would pick ourselves, but that’s how rentals go sometimes. At any rate, it’s something that Norah has taken an interest in. Almost every time she goes to the bathroom she talks about it. When the husband takes her it is always, “Daddy? You paint that for me?” and if I’m the one taking her it’s, “Mimi, Daddy paint that for me!”.

Anytime we’ve tried to explain that no, Daddy didn’t paint it, she wanted nothing of it. She is convinced that he painted it… and he did it for her :)

Pink Lemonade Snow Ice Cream

As of today our area has now broken the record of most snowfall in a season. It seems like each week we are getting another storm and this week was no exception. We had 8 inches on Saturday night and last night got another almost 8.5 inches. So what’s a girl to do? Make snow ice cream of course!

I actually do not recall ever making snow ice cream before, which is slightly crazy because I love ice cream. I’m one of those strange people that will huddle up under an electric blanket with a bowl of ice cream in the dead of winter. So when I saw that we had another fresh layer of snow on the ground this morning I knew I had to try it out. I set out to make plain ole vanilla ice cream when I discovered a packet of pink lemonade Kool-Aid in our pantry.

I started off making the plain vanilla ice cream and it went a little something like this:

1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbs vanilla
8 cups of fresh clean snow

First I mixed the milk, sugar and vanilla and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. I used a large bowl and carefully gathered my clean & fresh snow. Then I simply mixed the milk mixture with the snow. I had to toss in a dash more of milk to get the consistency I wanted. You have to work pretty quickly because it starts to melt.

It was good and all but I wanted to try out that pink lemonade! 

In a separate bowl I mixed the pink lemonade Kool-Aid with a few tablespoons of milk and a few tablespoons of sugar and set to the side. Then I separated half of the ice cream and put half in the freezer. Next I mixed the Kool-Aid mix with the remaining ice cream. Let me just say, yikes! It was very tart! I ended up adding quite a bit more sugar. I suggest not separate out any of the original ice cream like I did and it will help spread out the flavor if you don’t want such intense flavor – I suppose it really depends on how much tart you can take/like.

I ended up preferring the plain vanilla because the pink lemonade was a tad too sour for me but Norah gobbled it up.

Let me know if you have any great snow ice cream recipes! Maybe you’ve tried a different flavor of Kool-Aid in it?


*Almost* Thankful for the Colic

Wesley turns one next week and his party is this weekend. *Cue the blubbering mama* It didn’t really phase me when Norah turned one. The day before her birthday we found out we were pregnant with Wes (NOT happening this time around) and I guess looking back I’m sure I felt twinges of MY BABY, MY BABY but really I wasn’t too sad.

This time is another story.

We aren’t sure if there are any more babies in our future. We toss around the idea of a third but it’s more of a “In a few years we will make that decision” kind of thing and so it’s a strange feeling wondering if this is the last first birthday we will celebrate for one of our kids.

With that said, I’m putting together the slideshow for his party and started getting all sad looking at his picture of him so itty bitty. I mean was he REALLY that small?? Then I came across pictures like this:

And I remembered. I remembered the hours and hours of crying (of both him and I). The hours of me trying to figure out how I could make him stop crying. The tylenol I took from the headaches from the crying. The crying. Wes cried from the time he was about 2 weeks old until almost 5 months. Sure he had moments here and there of smiling and when he wasn’t crying, but he gained his “Grumpy Gus” nickname pretty early on. We didn’t feel like we able to get to know him at all until after 5ish months because there was rarely a glimpse at personality. There was nothing wrong with him, no diet issue, nothing visible or anything identifying as to why, he just cried (which I believe is also sometimes called purple crying?) Our kids are only 20 months apart and so there was sometimes a chorus of crying in our house. It’s funny because in those moments it felt like some days lasted years, that the crying would never stop. It doesn’t help that I have gotten postpartum depression after both the kids.

So Wes, thank you for helping me to not be quite as sad about your not being a tiny baby any more. Looking back and remembering the heart aching colic helps with my heart aching now. Wes is still often called Gus, but we are a world away from those first few months.

In those days I didn’t feel like I was enjoying very many moments, but looking back we DID have good days and I do have good memories and I do remember cuddling him and bonding with him. It was just hard at the time to remember those moments while in the mist of the 6th hour of crying. I’m thankful I can look back now and realize that we did have good times. We eventually discovered something called “Baby Got Colic” which can be found here on Amazon – and it is a sound clip that worked magic sometimes. Seriously. We were willing to try anything so we thought we were grasping at straws but were amazed when the first time we tried it he went from screaming to asleep in about 20 seconds. If your baby has colic it is worth a shot. You can also find a short clip of it on youtube, but it has a creepy video with it. We didn’t care, it worked. I am not affiliated with the company at all, it just worked for us.

Thank you Wes for being who you were then and who you are in this moment (though, thank you for not crying 23.5 hours of the day anymore).

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